123Movies - The most popular streaming site

As many of you probably already know, 123Movies is currently the most popular free streaming platform in the world with more than one million of people who are visiting this site everyday to watch a huge amount of movies and series online for free. It started to become popular many years ago and it maintained its position in the leaderboard with the help of the visitors but also with a lot of hard work. This is a very old streaming site and has been voted many times as being the number one source of free movies and tv shows available online in high quality without registration.

About the original 123Movies.To website

There is a little story that you might never heard about 123Movies. The first one ever created and the one that used to have more than a million visitors everyday has been closed in 2017 due to unknown reasons. The rumors said that the website was based in Vietnam and the Government forced them to shut down the website at the requests of Motion Picture Association. Until the present we still don't know the truth behind it but it's clear that the original website has been closed at that time. It seemed like a big problem at first but a very short time after, a lot of similar 123Movies sites have been created because millions of people needed an alternative site where they can keep watching all their favorite movies and series for free. Now there are still many sites using the same brand name and nobody knows anymore which one is original or not.

123Movies in the present

To be honest, 123Movies used to be more popular a few years ago than it is now, but it is still the most accessed free streaming website. The numbers have been going down a little bit because overall all the streaming sites decreased a few percent but that's not a major problem. 123Movies is now using a different design than in the past but it might still look familiar to you because this design theme is also used by many other streaming sites. You can still recognize it by the green color who consecrated the site. This interface is very friendly, well optimized for any devices, easy to use and there is no need for a how to watch tutorial but however we will tell you in a few words below the steps of watching movies and series online of 123Movies.

First of all, when you visit 123Movies site you have to choose something good to watch. If you already know, just use the search form and type in the name of your favorite movie. If you don't, then start browsing through our collection. On 123Movies there are more than 10.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 50.000 episodes and we are sure that you can find at least a few good productions that you would like to watch. The navigation menu has been optimized and it's very useful when you are looking for content. Also, all the movies and series are sorted with numerous filters and tags for genres, years, networks, countries, actors, directors and more. In the same time, there are dedicated pages where the content is sorted as Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Favorite, Top IMDb and a few more that can give you some inspiration when you are looking for some good movies or series. After you've found something good to watch, just click the big play button from the middle of the screen. Our video players look just like any other so you can't miss the button. These servers are provided by a non-affiliate third party and we don't have any control over it, that's the reason why sometimes you might see advertising. We promise that we are working on a solution to provide completely ad-free movies and series but this is not possible in this moment. We can't host the files on our own servers because that's not legal and we depend on the third parties which are very often using advertising to pay the maintenance costs of their platforms. We strongly recommend you to install and use an adblocker to get rid of all the ads and enjoy a smooth experience while watching movies and tv shows on 123Movies.